Wednesday, August 28, 2013

duCret Instructor Nails 1st Place in Pastel

Union County Senior Art Show winners exhibit work at Freeholders Gallery in Elizabeth

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on July 30, 2013 at 1:46 PM, updated July 30, 2013 at 1:50 PM

The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs announce that the First Place hanging art works from the 2013 Union County Senior Citizens Art Contest and Exhibit are showing at the Freeholders Gallery located on the 6th floor of the Union County Administration Building at Elizabethtown Plaza in Elizabeth. The winning pieces can be seen weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The exhibit will run through Wednesday, Aug. 21.

“Professional and non-professional winners in different categories will go on to compete at the New Jersey Senior Citizens Art Show at Meadow Lakes in East Windsor in September,” said Freeholder Bette Jane Kowalski, liaison to the Cultural and Heritage Programs Advisory Board. “These senior artists have diverse artistic backgrounds. Some are members of art associations who meet regularly to paint together with a hired teacher; others are self-taught and make art by themselves.”

The annual Union County Senior Citizen Art Show is open to artists who are 60 years of age or older and reside in Union County. The show is held from early June to mid-July in the atrium of the Elizabethtown Gas Company in Union. The non-professional artists whose two-dimensional art works are included in the Freeholders Gallery exhibit are: Henry Buntin of Berkeley Heights (acrylic); Lynn Shereshewsky of Westfield (craft); Roberta Frimpter of Rahway (drawing); John Biel of Westfield (mixed media); Anna Szabo of Union (oil); Marjorie Picard of Scotch Plains (pastel); Donna Farrell of Linden (photography); Peter Brogan of Union (print); and Elizabeth Weiss of New Providence (watercolor).

The professional artists in the exhibit are: Gennady Rozhkov of Springfield (acrylic); Frank Marshall of Roselle (mixed media); Eileen Bonacci of Berkeley Heights (oil); duCret Instructor Dolores Brink of Roselle Park (pastel); Richard Earl of Westfield (photography); and John Curch of Scotch Plains (watercolor).

The first place winners for sculpture are not exhibited at the Freeholders Gallery, but will also go on to compete at the New Jersey Senior Citizens Art Show. They are: Pauli Verridicci of Springfield (non-pro sculpture); and Dolores Steward of Plainfield (pro sculpture).

For further information and to learn more about exhibiting at the Freeholders Gallery, contact Teya David, curator, at the Union County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs, 633 Pearl St., Elizabeth; telephone, 908-558-2550; or email:
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Register NOW for Fall Semester 2013!


Whether you are seeking a F/T Art Career Program or want to take just one class at a time, the duCret School of Art is currently accepting applicants for Fall Semester 2013 beginning in September!

F/T and P/T Career Program
Apply now. After you apply, you will be contacted and scheduled to meet and interview with an admissions rep.

One Class At A Time
Just stop in the administrative office Monday though Friday between 9 am and 4 pm to enroll in a class.

Anyone 16+ (with parental permission) can enroll.

Anyone can schedule a free tour and career consultation by calling 908-757-7171 or walking in Monday through Friday, 9 am - 4 pm. If you would like to be part of NJ's oldest art school & central Jersey's largest artists haven - join us this Fall 2013!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Register Now For Summer Art Classes!

Summer months are a great way to explore your inner creativity! Whether you are an absolute beginner, a pro or just want to pick up on a hobby you let go of a long time ago, duCret School of Art offers a wide variety of workshops and classes running from mid June - mid August.
Adults (16 yrs+ with parental permission) can register for one day workshops to several workshop series classes in: jewelry making, airbrush, oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolor, interior design, graphic art, film and video games, photography, art history, sculpture, ceramics, advertising & design, logo and business boot camp for artists! Click here for the Adult Art Workshops Summer Catalog. And for children and teens (ages 6 - 15 yrs), Summer Art Camp runs from July 8 - 19th. Click here for registration info and details.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Annual Spring Art Show is April 21st!

Please join us on April 21st from 2 pm to 4 pm as we celebrate the year long works of the duCret student body. On view and for sale will be jewelry, sculpture, water color, oil, acrylic and airbrush paintings, photography, stained glass, ceramics, graphic art, charcoal and pastel drawings. This is an opportunity to not only support our local emerging artists, high school juniors and seniors and their parents can also meet and mingle with duCret students and faculty members, tour the school and speak with admissions reps. There will be live musicians and refreshments. Brochures and fliers for summer art camp for kids and summer classes will be available. Art award winners of this show are featured for a month's exhibition at Swain's Art Galleries at 703 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, NJ. It's FREE! Bring the whole family!

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Steady Rise of Artist, Alonzo Adams

Alonzo Adams. It's even a catchy name for an artist who seems ultimately destined to be marked as one of humanity's artist greats. For most, discovering one's love of art usually develops from the combined elements of time, exposure to art classes and general experience in life. Many great painters of our time have developed this way, as art is indeed a craft that requires study in the foundation skills and various mediums that are made available to artists today. For some, the practice of art is to slowly explore the deepest aspects of one's soul. For those artists, the skill to naturally draw comes as an 'innate knowing' that accompanies one at birth. The inner flame to do art is so huge, it literally drives the human first and foremost in life. Regardless of classes, social status or environmental stimuli - a natural born artist has a compulsion that reaches beyond the ordinary human life. The natural born artist must live to do art no matter what. The natural born artist must seek in whatever way he or she must, to steer the creative impulse that they have been born with.

Featured at Swain Galleries, which is located in Plainfield, NJ and is the state's most established retail art gallery; is a solo exhibit by one such gifted local artist, Alonzo Adams. Running from March 10 - March 31, the exhibit features works inspired by such greats as Charles White, Henry O. Tanner, L'hermitte, John Singer Sargent and Rembrandt. In fact, Alonzo has even traveled throughout Europe to study the work in museums there. Though originally born in Harlem, Alonzo was raised by his mother right here in Plainfield, NJ. He spent time refining art skills at duCret School of Art, which has a long history with Swain Galleries. There is a unique history between these three icons of art.
Alonzo has been blessed to have many prominent collectors adorn their homes with his work. Among them, Dr. William H. Cosby, Dr. Maya Angelou, Alonzo & Tracy Mourning,Zeke Mowatt, Jasmine Guy, Dikembe Mutombo, Patrick Ewing, Clinton Portis, Eddie Jones, Brian Grant, Stephon Marbury,  Gary Payton, Lela Rochon, Andre Harrell, Kenny Lattimore, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Chris Carter, Eddie Jordan, Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jayson Williams, Steve Harris, Wesley Snipes, Patti Webster, Earl Graves, Curtis Martin, Charles Oakley, Walter & Donna Pearson and many more.  He has been commissioned to create a number of portraits and other images of personal significance to some of his special collectors. He has been featured in such publications as Art Business News, Black Enterprise, Images, Homes of Color, Upscale, Uptown and ESPN Magazines. While the paintings first appear as visions of everyday human life, upon closer inspection and without much prompting from the paintings themselves, the presence of eternal spirit and connectedness embraces the viewer in a most subtle and emotionally gentle way. Tap into more of Alonzo's work at his website. Now on View at: Swain Galleries, 703 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, NJ. Call 908-756-1707 for more information.

Monday, March 18, 2013

duCret Instructor Ken Schwarz Releases New Children's Book

Anyone who takes a tour through the duCret School of Art, soon comes to learn that it is an anomaly in the educative system. duCret is more than just a composition of multi-talented mentors and teachers. The very essential ingredient that enables the school to consistently offer excellence in training, is actually by virtue of it's faculty members. All of them are currently working professional artists. Emerging students are essentially mentored by artists who have literally walked in their beginner's shoes. They know the ropes, the struggles, the roller coaster ride of living job to job and yet all of them have come to find success ultimately. At this level of achievement, tips and trade secrets, leads and introductions are then passed down to the students who eagerly strive to achieve their own unique level of professionalism in the field of art.

One such faculty member, Ken Schwarz, has worked in both sides of the art field; on the business end and as an artist. A graduate of the duCret School of Art, Ken also attended Kean University and Marywood University. For many years he was the Coordinator of Interior/Graphic Design at the Raritan Valley Community College, Bridgewater, NJ campus. Ken has over 40 years experience as a Graphic Artist/Designer and has been an Art Educator for over 30 years. As former principal of KS Creative Services, Linden, NJ, his clients have included corporate, retail, pharmaceutical and business-to-business accounts. He is also a past member of the NJ Art Directors Club.

Ken, who now runs Interior Design Workshops at duCret and teaches Watercolor for Fine Art Illustration, is also a newly published author. The Town Book Store in Westfield, NJ recently hosted Ken's first book signing event for his new release, 'The Happy Spaceship'. The book is based on his childhood memories growing up in a small town in the 1950's.Times were simpler then and boyhood dreams of space travel lived only in their hearts and minds. Children's books appeal to everyone, young and old alike and so it is no surprise that his new book flew out the door in terms of event sales. Inquiries about Kens new book and event scheduling for future book signings can be made by contacting the duCret School of Art administrative offices at 908-757-7171.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Media Attention on the College Tuition Bubble

In the 90's, when every aspect of the economy swelled, including the human greed factor, the general populous was not paying much attention as to how that greed translated into huge profits for large institutions, corporations and wall street. Everything seemed great on ground level. Money rolled about easily and with a surplus of cash in almost everyone's pockets, no one cared if corporations were shipping jobs out overseas because they could shave salary costs. People turned a blind eye to the rising costs of college tuitions because they were told (and they listened WITHOUT QUESTION) that a more expensive education would net the higher paying jobs. Nobody even knew there was an insidious bubble building and that when it burst, as it did, those better known as 'the middle class' would suffer the consequences. The bankers and the corporate heads stayed in-the-money but the consequences all fell to YOU.
So swift and smart were the greed-mongers in their endeavors that legal policies were silently drafted up, preventing college grads and their families from being able to declare bankruptsy, when they found themselves drowning in $80,000.00+ in tuition fees and no job availability for those fresh out on the streets with degrees.  In fact, the only ones who seemed to be able to make good on their huge tuition debts were the ones who could afford to go to P, Y or H because wealthy environments tend to breed wealthy cycles. If you're in that loop, great. If not, tough luck says the world to it's emerging youth.
For most of the rest of the 'common folk', there's a huge sea of debt that now looms over many of them; to the point that Obama had to address the damage done in his State of the Union address. We are posting the college crisis issues here to bring awareness to young adults emerging into the world. NEVER in all the time when college tuitions astronomically rose in the past two decades, did duCret take a part in that. In fact, duCret is a NON-PROFIT school dedicated to assisting artists get launched in the world sans huge tuitions. Only last year did duCret raise tuitions and that was by only $300.00 for the year! Prior to that it had been decades since the tuition was raised. But most high school juniors and seniors were never made aware that they even HAD alternatives, like duCret. YOU DO! Because we're spelling it out right here!
duCret does not bash the path of going to college; in fact the school works with many colleges, assisting students to segway toward obtaining a degree, if that's what they choose to do. But duCret also offers a very low tuition alternative path that leads to becoming a professional, working artist. Because the truth is; there are many ways to smooch a cat. That's the beauty of life. We all actually DO have choices if we bother to look into what they may be. duCret instructors are ALL working artists. They are entrenched in the industry of art, working within it themselves personally everyday. What better way is there to learn than to be mentored by people who are actually really working pros in the industry? duCret has lived through all of the social trends over the past 85 years...and survived as a non-profit. So dear and important emerging souls of Earth; become aware. Read these articles. Make wiser decisions about the money you are going to spend getting started in life. The information is out there. And you can read all about it right here...because we've done your homework for you! - College Tuition Outpacing Inflation - Oct 2012

Obama to Colleges: STOP raising prices! - Jan 2012

Obama Address College Tuition Bubble

Obama's New College Scorecard Website

NJ's Star Ledger Series on Hidden College Costs - 2011

Rising College Loans Exceeding Credit Card Debt - 2010

Now read recent news about duCret - A History of Art in Central Jersey - June 2012

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duCret celebrates 85 Years in Art Education

Top Image: Bongo Boys Rock'n Roll TV Interviews Director Frank Falotico. Rt. Image: 2nd Year duCret student Bahiyyah Sing demonstrates painting techniques. Photo by duCret student photographer Hanna Kwiatek. Lt. Image: On The Loose TV Films Spring Art Show.

To schedule a tour & free art career consultation, call 908-757-7171 Monday - Friday, between 9 am - 4 pm. DuCret is currently accepting F/T and P/T applications for Fall 2013.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bongo Boy Rock'n Roll TV Show Visits duCret

In they rolled right off the street, with video cameras and technical TV production  equipment in tow. We're talking about the relatively newly formed and super cool Bongo Boy Rock'n Roll TV Show, of course. After a sit down interview with duCret Director Frank Falotico, TV show host Wayne Olivieri toured through the school grounds. Frank described several iconic artists who had studied at duCret throughout it's eighty-five year history. Notable artists, events and even a scandal belong to the flavorable history of the school. Scandal? In the very early years, the school was suddenly challenged when the originating founder, Marjorie Van Emburgh stuck to her guns about using nude figure models so her students could learn how to draw the human form. Puritan community uproar caused a scandal that landed front page news coverage which spread to reach NYC newstands in the 1930's - at a time where public nudity was an abominable sin. Fast forward a few decades and traditional figure drawing is acceptably synonymous with the nude figure.

The school holds alot of interesting tidbits like that, including the possible existence of ghosts; however, anyone who attends the school would wager that at least they're the friendly, artsy kind...if they do indeed exist. Currently duCret hosts many 3-D living type artists, including loft artists such as Charles Sabba, NJ's notorious NJ police sergeant/Gardner Art Heist investigator and  the accomplished landscape artist Gerry Heydt.  Both artists run occasional workshops throughout the tri-state area and both are members of the esteemed Salmagundi Club in NYC. Certainly the ecclectic blend of past artists and emerging artists does cause occasional intrigue - enough to draw TV into the picture. Last year Parthenon Entertainment filmed a Comic Con model posing at Open Studio, where several musician groups schedule in to play on the Fine Art Floor. Cake Boss TV show still employs three duCret grads. So natch, it was just about time for another TV show to wander onto the duCret scene.

Bongo Boy Records, who houses the Rock'n Roll TV show by co-producers, Monique Grimme and Gar Francis, was formed in April of 2010. It endeavors to move emerging artists up the ladder to success; via it's TV show. That powerful combo of an indie record label, a TV show and the internet's flaming social media platforms has the company rapidly scaling NJ's success ladder. Each monthly episode airs 6 days a week, 60 x per month on 8 different Channels - so far.  As all artist's know; the line between musicians and painters, TV and movies is actually non-existent, since all color and sound originates from the same cosmic vibrations of the One. Anyone at duCret's Tuesday night Open Studio, where live musicians and artists abound will adamantly attest - duCret is one big happy family of multi-talented artists - both emerging and accomplished! duCret School of Art warmly welcomes like-minded Bongo Boy Rock'n Roll TV show into the family fold. Just released - the new Bongo Boy Rock'n Roll TV Show featuring duCret!

Top Image: TV host Wayne Olivieri and duCret Director, Frank Falotico. Right. Image: artist, Jerry Heydt. Bottom Left Image: Wayne Olivieri, artist and duCret alumni, Brian Townsend, Frank Falotico and Producer, Monica Grimme.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2nd Year Student on 2nd Children's Book

Christina Ross probably doesn't even tip 90 pounds on a weigh scale, and that's with a heavy winter coat, metal belt and boots loaded onto her tiny frame. But packed into this petite, artistic soul's body is the spirited power of the elephant Goddess known as Ganesh.

Quiet and unassuming when she first arrived, Christina has managed from within just one year at the school, to produce her first children's book, 'We Can Count'. Now in her second year, she has already begun to work on the second book of a series of children's books she has in mind. In the short time that she's been with duCret, Christina has caught the eye of a board member, who's personally taken her under his wing at his printing company in Clinton, NJ.  She can often be found hunkering down over a digital screen in the MAC Lab. She's also become much more vocal, upbeat and flavorful in general, which is a common thing that happens to artists when they begin to truly find themselves and their place in this world. It's not surprising then, to learn then that she already has printed business cards and is scouting locations to be able to introduce her new book to K-12 schools and elementary circles of the local area.
Though she created her books from what she learned in graphic design classes, she's also actively developing her foundation level art skills in Life Drawing, Airbrush, Silkscreen and Water Color classes. Years two and three at duCret are where many individuals begin to blossom into their long held dreams, for it is the gift of 'time' that an artist gives to oneself, which can turn a rather opague vision into a 3D living reality. In the first year at duCret, sometimes it's hard to see where everything is going to lead.  Plunging onto the dark abyss of the unknown can deter alot of people from doing what they really want to do. That's just life in general. But artist's seem to be born with an extra gene that surfaces as a relentless echo within. The internal voice never dies. No matter how one might ignore the urge to create, the need to do so always seems to swing back to center focus. Artists must do what they must do. Christina, heeding her inner call to create, was wise enough to give herself time to try out being a 'real' artist. In year two, it is clear that she's on her destined path. Click here to contact Christina.

Monday, January 21, 2013

NJ's Inside Magazine Features duCret

For decades now, the duCret School of Art has remained a mysterious looking, historic listed mansion in Plainfield, NJ. Few people who drive by the scenic yellow brick house on the quiet, residential road even recognize the small sign posted at the end of the driveway, which is the only indicator that NJ's oldest art school is still in full swing. Those who have emerged from this location in the past century have left quite an indelible mark on NJ's legacy of outstanding artists. Newly emerging artist's of this decade are also paving the way to become some of the state's newest visionaries.

The original visionary, who began the school in 1926 was actually a woman named Marjorie Van Emburgh, who stirred controversy as artist's sometimes can do, right at the start - to the level of  national recognition. She incorporated the use of posing nude models to teach artists the basics of figure drawing and during those times, that was considered just a bit too risque. 

The school that was originally steeped in the deep tradition of teaching painting techniques of the masters, has managed to not only continue that legacy, but it has kept up with modern times as well. Housed in the mansion are classrooms, a ceramics studio, computer lab, photography studio, jewelry studio, a theater / auditorium and a fine art floor where classes, seasonal workshops and open studio's take place. Anyone can visit the school and get a free tour. Open studio's are exactly that - open to the general public. The more inclined artistic souls of this Earth can even schedule an appointment for a free career consultation as well, to see if opportunities at the school could enhance their natural gifts and thus, their creative directed lives. duCret also starts children off at the tender age of six, in a series of seasonal workshops that will continuously mentor them right into teen-hood. Active seniors simply come to learn master techniques in a variety of art mediums. The location teems with creative individuals of all ages who all have one theme in common - a passion for color, light and sound. duCret, who runs similar to the standard college curriculum system - with Fall and Spring semesters, accepts applications to the school year-round. Spring semester has just begun. For more information, contact the administrative offices at 908-75707171, Monday through Friday, 9 am - 4 pm or just walk in and visit during those times, and pick up some brochure's and program notices.